Consistency of AI-generated content’s intent and SERPs in climate change

Looking at the popular search terms provided by Google every year. The popularity of climate change was number one in the comprehensive section. As this is a topic that people searched for a lot, we compared the content created by Google’s Bard. And Open AI’s ChatGPT3 to see if the content was create by reflecting the SERP well when AI-based content was create. The comparison standards were select based on (1) the consistency of the top 3 contents found. By searching for ‘climate change’ directly on Google (2) the relevance of keywords relate. To ‘climate change’ in Listening Mind Hubble.


SERP Results of ‘Opportunity Change’

Google SERP Results Screen of Climate Belgium Email List Change
Climate change SERP-based content analysis
In the SERP of climate change, climate change PR portal took 1st place. Wikipedia 2nd place, and Namu Wiki took 3rd place.

Screen capture of climate change from the climate change PR portal
Wikipedia’s climate change content includes terminology, associated rises in marriage, causes of modern climate change, future warming and carbon balances, impacts of climate change, greenhouse gas emission reduction and capture, climate change adaptation, politics and policy, social responses, Including history, etc.

Wikipedia’s table of contents on climate change

Country Email List
I was able to check out that the content of the climate crisis content of namuwiki, which was rank 3th in the serp, include the content of the cause. It seems that the table of contents for this content is focus on the crisis rather than climate change.

Table of Contents on Climate Crisis on Namu Wiki
Climate change SERP-based content analysis results
Among the contents relate to the climate crisis, it was confirmed. That CW Leads the top 3 contents were all written about the causes and factors of the climate crisis. It was found that the top two exposures specifically define climate change. And included information on the impact of climate change.

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