Creating an Effective Newsletter: Focusing on Email Marketing KPIs and Goal Setting

Newsletters are powerful communication tools for companies to communicate their products, services, updates and promotions directly to their customers. It creates a valuable link between a business and its customers, and creates a strong bond with the brand. For this reason, many companies are actively utilizing newsletters as one of their marketing channels.

The first thing to start a newsletter is to set the purpose of the newsletter and the KPIs to be measured. Let’s learn about the types of email marketing KPIs and how to set goals to increase the effectiveness of email marketing.

Most Commonly Used Email Marketing KPIs

Basic metrics that measure the effectiveness of email marketing Benin Email List  include open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate and unsubscribe rate.

open rate
Percentage of email recipients who opened the sent email. For an accurate measure of effectiveness, it is common to count ‘unique opens’ with duplicates removed.

Email open rate = (Number of unique opens / Number of emails sent) x 100%

click-through rate
The percentage of recipients who clicked on a link within the newsletter. CTR is an important metric that email marketers measure because it indicates how interesting and relevant your email content is to your recipients. It’s important to look at your overall click-through rate, but knowing which links get the most clicks can give you a good idea of ​​how useful your content is to readers.

conversion rate


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Within the newsletter, there are various CTAs (Call to Action) to induce users to take action. Percentage of recipients who completed the action after clicking on the CTA. Actions such as registering new members on a web page through a newsletter or generating sales by clicking the ‘Buy’ button may belong to the ‘later stage’.

Conversion rate = (number of people who completed the desired action ÷ number of emails sent) x 100

bounce rate
Percentage of sent emails that did not reach the sender properly. Bounces CW Leads occur due to incorrect email addresses or server problems. If the bounce rate is less than 5%, it’s not a problem, but if it’s above that, you should look at certain domains for bounce issues, whether your email lists are properly updated, etc.

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