Generative AI & ChatGPT Business Use Cases and the Future of AI

New and fast examples of chatGPT and generative AI are issues recently. In particular, what is happening in the business scene? In addition to the cases mentioned in the lecture, we checked the cases that have recently become issues.

Nike Case: Product Prototyping with Generative AI

“Nike leverages generative AI to create product Denmark Email List prototype images.” “You can use a text-to-3D modeler and test in 3D space to get a much more vivid feel for what it will look like in real life. All of this is possible without much effort” – Forrester analyst Rowan Curran .

In fact, digital artist Rickdick uses artificial intelligence to create a virtual collaboration sneaker that combines luxury brands Tiffany and Nike, and it became a fire. The products in the above picture are actually the products in the picture that do not exist, but it is said that they were exhibited at Marangoni, Milan on February 23, 2023.

Case of LG AI researcher: World’s first ‘AI human and human design cooperation case’ gold prize at New York Fashion Week
“LG ExaOne is the first super-large AI that realized bidirectional data generation between language and image, and this New York fashion show was an opportunity to properly show the potential of Tilda, which is equipped with an AI human engine.” We will promote various collaboration models through Tilda, another form of ‘% Expert AI’” – Bae Bae, Bae, Director of LG AI Research Center

Miter Case: Content Creation in Business

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Tilda, the first artificial intelligence (AI) human developed by LG AI researchers. Collaborated with designer Park Yoon-hee at the New York Fashion Week. One of the world’s four major fashion shows, to showcase clothes designed with the motif of ‘flowers from Venus’. It is.

Tilda is said to be able to learn, think and judge on her own. Create new creations that have not existed before, and communicate naturally with humans. ‘What do you want to draw?’ In response to the question, ‘What would it look like if flowers bloomed on Venus?’. Tilda thinks from multiple angles like a human and creates a new image. Inspired by this, designer Park Yoon-hee adds details to create the costume.

“Contextual summarization and refinement through dialogue is provided by these large language models.” “Currently, our team is considering two use cases.” “It’s sending emails and hiring people” – Michael Senkl, Director of Innovation and Experimentation, Miter Corp.

The first use of work is said to be used to send an email summarizing. The work actually performed to one of the clients. In his opinion, it’s surprisingly useful if you want to write in the context of existing communication.

And the second is the recruitment of project CW Leads personnel. Traditionally, they’ve been doing the work themselves, typically by reviewing resumes.

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