Bibigo’s brand strategy that achieved KRW 3 trillion in sales

In Korea, basketball fandom is small compared to the United States. Therefore, in Korea, the story and mission of bibigo were expressed through dramas. By supporting the production of the drama In-house Match, we were able to find bibigo’s logo, dumplings, and kimchi products throughout the drama. In addition, we were able to elicit a good response from customers through lines that increase the level of immersion in the drama according to each episode.

Bibigo downtown production support

03 Music (K-pop)
Lastly, in order to spread Korean food culture at concert Djibouti Email List venues. We set up food booths and food trucks at concerts so that K-pop fans can naturally experience Korean food.

Bibigo K-Pop Concert
Source: Yonhap News
Bibigo is expanding Korean food culture in line with the aforementioned vision of “delivering delicious pleasure to the table of people around the world.” In the future, bibigo will continue to spread Korean food culture through many attempts, such as collaboration, in addition to the above marketing strategies.

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When I looked at bibigo’s brand strategy, I could feel that understanding customers, that is, understanding customer needs, is the most important thing in targeting overseas markets. In the case of bibigo, it created interest in Korean food culture through sports, dramas, and K-pop and branded it.

In order to become a customer-centered brand like this, we need to think about what our customers are interested in, and whether we are a brand that satisfies our customers’ questions and needs. So how can we discover our customers’ needs? It can be identified as ‘search data’ that can identify the interests and intentions of customers .

Bibigo Listening Mind Hubble

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Screen of Listening Mind Hubble Intent Finder that searched for bibigo
In fact, when bibigo was searched on Listening Mind Hubble. The number of related CW Leads keywords was 4,023 and the number of related topics was 1,933. Indicating that bibigo is a brand that customers are really interested in. In this way, through the questions customers ask the brand, various brand strategies can be established. If you are interested in more details, check out the hidden intent of our brand through Listening Mind Hubble.

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