hip-hop? with hip? Where are people visiting the most these days?

Gangnam and Hongdae, which are generally known to be crowded, recorded the highest search volume. It is noteworthy that Hanam, Yongsan, Euljiro, and Gwanggyo have high search volume. So far, Seongsu maintains a high ranking at 3rd place, but attention is paid to whether the search volume of Hanam, Yongsan, and Euljiro will exceed Seongsu in the future.

Restaurant search ranking by region

If so, which area would the customer want to recommend? Australian Email Lists Let’s take a look at the rankings by region.

Compared to the search volume by region, you can see that the search volume for restaurants in Hongdae is higher than in Gangnam. In addition, you can find out the high search volume for restaurants in newly emerging hot places such as Euljiro and Yongsan. In fact, if you visit the area, you can see that there are many new restaurants and it is crowded with people.


The most visited place and landmark was Hanam Starfield (2,464,500).

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Hanam Starfield, which opened in September 2016, has become a CW Leads landmark. That many people are looking for, recording 10 million visitors the year after its opening. Entering Hanam, where infrastructure was poor. It received many compliments from residents, and it is a place where many people from other regions visit to enjoy leisure.
The second place was Yongsan CGV (1,794,450). Yongsan CGV is CGV’s large-scale. Flagship store and has as many as 20 screens. It is located in Yongsan I’Park Mall, and has recently been reborn. As a landmark that many people are looking for as Yongsan has emerged as a new hot place.

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