18x increase in e-commerce SEO performance sharing

The natural inflow traffic of the recent e-commerce SEO project increased 18 times in 6 months.

Make your website an expert in its field.
The direction of change in Google’s SEO algorithm is “Like a human”. Looking at it from this perspective, who do we ask?

For example, let’s say you are on a diet.

If there is someone around you who has succeeded in dieting, you Aruba Email Lists will ask that person first. Or you will ask the trainer at the nearby gym about how to diet. The reason is that the person is considered an expert in the field I am interested in.

You could call this the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) assessment factor, but it’s simply a question of an expert. And Google wants websites with expertise to answer.

So how can you become an expert?

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I took a strategy of writing articles targeting long-tail keywords.

As an example from earlier, let’s say you become an expert on diet. If so, the first thing to do is to write an article related to diet. How many articles can you write? First of all, three articles come to mind regarding the short keywords “diet”, “diet diet”, and “diet method”. You can’t become an expert with just 3 articles.

Now write articles targeting long-tail keywords. I write articles related to “realistic diet plan”, “realistic diet plan for men”, “diet plan for one week”, and “student diet plan”. There are more than 8 keywords that Google recommends related to diet. There are also keywords here that are also related to “how to diet”. In this way, you can write 20 articles.

We now have over 20 diet-related articles on our website. Before CW Leads there were only 3 articles and now there are more than 20 articles, the expertise is different.

Even though the search volume is small like this, you can say you are an expert when you start to write more than 50 articles targeting long-tail keywords to build your expertise.

After that, there is a high probability that we, the diet-related experts, will give an answer in Google, so our website is exposed at the top.

The above project targeted “collagen”. For all keywords related to collagen, the website will be 99% 1 page exposed.

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