How to calculate the roi of social media The visual guide

A Social Media strategy can bring countless results to your company – find out now how to understand and measure the ROI of Social Media. First of all, a sincere disclaimer on my part: Social media can be powerful and important revenue generating tools and business opportunities , and it would be a huge mistake to ignore this power in your marketing. However, without strategic planning, it’s better to bet your time and money on the mega-sena (yes, trust me). Including this is the headline of Alaska’s website. The action of “posting for the sake of posting” (the famous “we upload some beautiful posts there” ) is unlikely to generate sales in the short, medium and long term. That’s why I insist on this argument. If you don’t have strategic planning and ways to measure the impact of your actions, take your budget and invest 100% in leafleting.

The basics of social media planning

Like every digital marketing action, social media planning also needs a strategy. First, it is necessary to understand the client’s objectives before publishing content. For this you need to answer: What is Hong Kong Phone Numbers List your client’s pain and where does he want to go. Qualifying leads, launching a new product, increasing the sales conversion rate… These are some examples of objectives for you to start planning actions, those that require some care, such as: 1) Forget Vanity The number of followers is an important indicator if it is increasing as a result of your strategy. Otherwise, it’s not as relevant to have a lot of followers if none of them engage with your content or are interested in it. So the first quick tip about.


Concept, Tone Of Voice And Visual Unit

What cannot be measured cannot be improved.” This phrase is a maxim for serious and senior digital marketers. The junior professional will not even be able to measure the result of his actions (in fact, he will not even know that he needs to worry about it). Unfortunately this is the reality CW Leads of a large part of the Brazilian market, but with this guide you can learn and be part of the “5%” of professionals who really know what they do within this universe. Google Analytics And Conversion Goals You may have heard of Google Analytics. With good reason, this web analytics tool is ubiquitous in most digital marketing articles. It turns out that I’ve always seen a lot of people using it just to analyze vanity metrics , without any concern or even understanding of what they really should be measuring. It is through the correct configuration.

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