Know what phygital is and why it is important

With the digital transformation , the barriers between physical and digital have become smaller and smaller. This process began when the internet became part, little by little, of our lives. But from 2017 it intensified, changing even more the need to think about expectations versus reality about technology. It also brought analyzes about how consumers want to have experience in establishments, accelerating this reflection in companies . Everything indicates that now he wants greater integration between the physical and the online. Do you know what this is and how to do it? See below a little more about the concept that, along with other digital marketing trends , promises to revolutionize business more and more.

What is phygital

In simple terms, phygital is a word that represents the fusion of physical and digital. Of course, this is curious, since the two things are different. However, it is important to keep in mind that in the Germany Mobile Number List  market now they will be increasingly intertwined. The consumer who today has in his hands the digital means to search, buy and give his opinion, will never have a disconnected experience again. The digital, in this case, does not suppress the physical, but complements it. For this, actions must always be related, both in one medium and in another. The customer who enters a physical store expects to find an experience linked to the one he found in the digital store, when he previously searched. Likewise, if he visits a store and then leaves, he can find the continuity of that experience in digital. However.



The (new) user experience

With changing consumer habits, understanding the new user’s experience to serve them properly is a great challenge. Several strategies, such as data mining and data intelligence, come into play when it CW Leads comes to finding out what the new consumer expects. But in virtually all analyses, one thing is unanimous: it is necessary to adapt to a broad form of interaction. Before, the term omnichannel (or multichannel) was the most heard when we talked about new consumer behavior. This means that he started to consume information from several channels at the same time. Now this user takes it one step further. It can consume a lot of information and be attended to in two different ways, in the same place, at the same time.

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