Understanding the full picture of the search patterns of consumers visiting your site by linking two tools. Such as Listening Mind Hubble’s Pathfinder and GA or Ahrefs.com, is very useful for developing a successful marketing strategy.

Take Bank Salad’s web page titled “7 Best Credit Cards with Great Benefits Ranking 2023” as an example.

Top 7 Best Credit Cards with Benefits Ranking 2023 (Bank Cellard Page)

According to ahrefs.com, this page of Bank Salad is a Croatia Email List content created about 6 months ago and generates an average monthly organic traffic of 3,000 to 4,000 (based on ahrefs.com).

If you check the inflow keywords through ahrefs.com (you can also check it through GA if it is your own site), various high-quality non-branded keywords such as “recommended credit card”, “compare credit card”, “credit card benefits”, and “recommended Hyundai card” It is exposed in the 1st to 4th places in the search results for major brand keywords such as “,” and secures high-quality traffic.

“credit card comparison”

Country Email List
If we know what keywords consumers who visit our web pages visit after searching for keywords. We can estimate what intentions consumers have when they visit our site. You can target specific inflow keywords from the stage of planning content in the first place. But there are cases in which keywords that generate inflow to content are identified during operation. Through this, we can figure out whether the content works as intended. However, in many cases, it is often difficult for us to clearly know the purpose of a visit with this keyword alone. All you need in this case is the search path information.

For example, as you can see in the image above. Keywords CW Leads  like “compare credit cards” bring in about 133 visits to this webpage per month. However, it is not possible to know what keywords have been searched before and after the keyword. And what keywords will be searched in the future, with the above information alone, but using “Pathfinder” of Listening Mind Hubble in the image below. You can easily identify them. there is.

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