Jalpa Generation Marketing: Understanding Consumption Trends

The Zalpha generation is a combination of Generation Z and Generation Alpha, and refers to the generation born after the invention of smartphones. The Jalpa generation grows up with technology and has unique consumption patterns and values. How do you market effectively to them? Let’s take a closer look.

Characteristics and consumption trends of the Jalpa generation
The Jalpa generation is a generation born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, and refers to a younger and more trendy generation than MZ. As this generation has grown up greatly influenced by the development of digital technology and social media, a marketing strategy that understands and targets their characteristics is very important.

digital native

The Jalpa generation are digital natives who are familiar with Argentina Email List digital devices and social media. They easily find information and communicate. This is a generation that has experienced cutting-edge technologies such as metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI) since childhood, has low resistance to digital technology, and has experienced a completely digital world through the popularization of smartphones.

Creator Economy
The Jalpa generation often grew up receiving programming education such as coding, and they are also good at creating and sharing their own content. He is active on metaverse platforms such as Minecraft and Roblox. For this reason, the Zalpa generation has high expectations that creators will lead the ‘Creator Economy’, an industry in which creators make money based on their creations.

Diversity of individual expression
The Jalpa generation values ​​various cultures and values, and shows great interest in personalized services. So, this generation is very interested in genderless products that transcend gender, DIY products that customize, and various decorative items to express their individuality.

The leading generation of the future market

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By 2025, the global alpha generation population is projected to reach 2.2 billion. Bain & Company also predicted that by 2030, the Zalpa generation will account for 80% of global luxury consumption. The Jalpa generation puts more emphasis on their own satisfaction than playing luxury logos. They prefer cost-effectiveness rather than cost-effectiveness, and because they prioritize the maximum satisfaction they can feel, they buy expensive luxury brands without hesitation.

Successful Jalpa Generation Marketing Case
The ripple power of the Jalpa generation is already considerable. As they CW Leads  emerge as key consumers in the luxury goods market, game, distribution, and financial markets, all companies in the home appliance, distribution, and food industries are pouring out various marketing strategies targeting the Jalpa generation.

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