The annual total search volume of related keywords including. The keyword ‘health’ is about 30.55 million, which is not small. Looking at the contents of frequently searched words in this regard grouped into ‘topic’ units, excluding. Top topics such as ‘health’ and ‘health care’, specific topics such as ‘eye’, ‘mind’, ‘intestine’, and ‘liver’. A topic related to the item is being mention. This can be interpreted as having specific and diverse derive keywords related to a specific topic. And having a high interest in the topic’s health.

Intent Finder ㅣ Keywords related to ‘Health’ ( Link )

Among them, what characteristics and intentions are found in Armenia Email Lists keywords relate to ‘eye’?
When looking at the ‘eye’ topic with the most related keywords related to ‘health’, we identified the needs through the identified related keywords. Among them, the top 5 keywords by monthly search volume are as follows.

List of keywords related to ‘eye health’

Among various health devices,

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Through this, the intention to manage from ‘nutrition/supplements/food’ in relation to ‘eye health’ is noticeable. In addition to this, along with the growth of the companion animal market, the keyword ‘dog eye health (533)’. Which can identify the degree of interested in the companion animal’s eye health, is also found at the top.
* According to the Korea Rural Economic Institute, the companion animal-related industry is growing at an average of 14.5% every year ( Related press release )

which item shows the highest search volume?
These days, with the development of health devices, various brands, shapes. And prices are release, and the range of choices for consumers is widening. Among them, the CW Leads  keyword that boasted the highest Search volume was ‘massage chair’ (average monthly search volume of 130,000). It was follow by ‘massage gun’, ‘stretching massager’, ‘calf massager. Keywords mentioned at the top include ‘Clock’, ‘Pulio’, ‘Bodyfriend’, and ‘Ceragem’. However, among them, the keyword ‘Pulio calf massager’ (trend 135%), which has increased in search volume in the last 3 months. Appears as a particularly noticeable result.

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