Kang-in Lee VS Heung-min Son asks AI about the virtual confrontation

The hottest soccer players these days are Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min. Although it is difficult to achieve in reality, we asked the interactive generation AI, which is hot in Korea, about the results of the virtual confrontation.

AI Selection Criteria to Predict Wins
Conversational generation AIs were considered first, and LLM (Large Languge Model)-based chatbot services were asked for match results. Among them, we selected 5 AIs that are being discussed most in Korea. Specifically, Google’s Bard, Microsoft’s New Bing AI, Meta’s Llama2, Chat GPT 3.5, and Claude.ai. We tried to proceed with the version with the latest data in July 2023 as much as possible.

Introducing interactive generative AI to adjudicate virtual matchups

Source: Bing – Image Creator
Google Bard
It is a lightweight version of the service based Brunei Email Lists on LaMDA (Language Conversation Model) and PaLM (Natural Language Processing Model) of the Google search engine. The advantage is that fast response speed and up-to-date information are linked. After the humiliation at the demonstration, there is a story that a lot of originality was limited for the accuracy of the answer. Korean was added in May 2023, and available in 46 languages ​​from July 2023.

Microsoft New Bing AI
It is said that the Prometheus model based on GPT-4 was used. The chat function is used for Q&A, and it is only available in the Microsoft Edge browser. (Of course, it is not available in competitor Google Chrome.) There is an advantage in that the latest data is applied, but currently the search results are shown interactively, so the feeling that the answer is mechanical is the strongest.

Meta – Llama 2 (served by Perplexity Labs)

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Meta has been distributing it for free for both research and commercial use as an open source. In 2023, Llama 2 (Lama 2) open source was released. Three versions of the model were released, pre-trained and fine-tuned with 7B (7 billion), 13B (13 billion), and 70B (70 billion) parameters. In this matchup, we played the Llama-2-13B version provided by Perplexity Labs.

It is synonymous with interactive generative AI. This time, I used the free 3.5 version. The biggest weakness is that the data standard is before September 2021, so the latest data is not reflected. However, there are many evaluations that it has made significant progress in the GPT 4 version. So I think this game should be considered as an evaluation in the middle version.

Cla aude.ai
It is a service of Anthropic, an American startup created by CW Leads former OpenAI developers of Chat GPT. When OpenAI announced a monetization, it was established as a public interest company as a reaction against it. Currently only available in select countries, such as the US and UK.


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