[Next Commerce] Alcohol, beauty, and food consumer desire data

Marketers call this field ‘intent marketing’, and planners call this field ‘trend sensing’. And Park Se-yong, CEO of Ascent Korea, defines this work as a ‘listening mind’ that listens to customer intent.

Easier SEO or trend sensing means more ‘discovery of opportunities’. If you search for ‘dryer’ on Listening Mind, you will be surprised to find that consumers are searching for ‘mini dryer’. Let’s take a look at consumer desire data in the liquor, beauty, and food industries conducted in this Next Commerce 2023 session.

Customer Intent on Alcohol and Whiskey

Where do people want to go to buy ‘whiskey’? Many people will think of places like duty free shops, department stores, and Dongdaemun. They weren’t real customers.

As a result of the search data, E-Mart and E-Mart Traders had the highest share with 860,000 per year and Costco with 600,000 per year. Following that, duty free shops (approx. 370,000 per year) and convenience stores (approx. 300,000 per year) are also identified as important channels. Most customers want to buy whiskey at E-Mart, E-Mart Traders, and Costco, which are the most accessible places in our daily life.

In addition, we looked at the whiskey brands preferred by age group. In addition, there was a big difference in the type of whiskey that people who are new to whiskey, who know about whiskey to some extent and want to collect various information.

Beauty, customer intent contained in ampoule

With the recent removal of masks, the beauty industry. Which has been sluggish for a while, is growing again. In the meantime, due to wearing a mask, the skin has become more sensitive and trouble has come up. So there are many people who care more about skin care. Among skin care products, interest in ‘ampoules’ was high. Ampoule has a more powerful and intensive effect than serum and is used for a limited period of time. If you look at the search patterns of consumers, ‘ampoules’ with the highest concentration and viscosity are the most interested.

Case of Listening Mind Hubble Ampoule
In topics related to ampoules, various related CW Leads keywords such as ‘ampoules + recommendation’ were identified. Particularly noticeable was the main ingredient of the ampoule, ‘moisturizing/whitening/pores/vitamins/acne/blemishes’, and I was able to understand the need for improvement as well as wanting recommendations.

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