Improving Google rankings and attracting more customers to the business is one of the main goals of companies today. Among all the efforts they can make for this is the application of SEO guidelines to get featured. But do you know what on-page optimization is? To get a good position on the search page that the search engine shows, the SERP. You need to do much more than produce content. It is necessary to make it attractive and apply a series of techniques so that. Amidst the large volume of online information, the site is found and converts visitors. That’s why in this post we will explain about this strategy. other companies and professionals in the B2B market, LinkedIn Ads is a very interesting option to explore.

Do you know what on-page

Anyone looking to understand what on-page optimization is must first understand about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the name of the set of processes aimed at optimizing content. As France mobile number list you may have heard, using copywriting techniques (which is about persuasive writing) is one of them, but not all of them come down to that. That’s where on-page optimization comes in. It is done on the page in general and can include not only the content itself, but the proper placement of words in titles, subtitles, URLs, in addition to captions, tags and ALT attribute (alternative text). All these elements influence the positioning that a site will achieve on the web. We will show more about them below, but it is good to explain that the algorithms look far beyond what is written.


The four dimensions of seo

When we talk about SEO. It is common for people to associate it with texts and materials. In other words, content production. But SEO is a much broader area and beyond the application of optimization techniques in written content, it encompasses other actions. See below its four subdivisions (or “types”) that demonstrate this well: SEO on SERP: are optimizations to appear on the first pages of Google. It is usually smaller texts, summaries and descriptions CW Leads that will rank. Structural SEO. These are the optimizations applied to the website, its assembly and structure, even if it is an e-commerce platform. Off-page SEO. Is every effort made to lead to the page, optimizing content and mentions on it, but outside of it. This is the case with backlinks that mention a website on another page. On-page SEO.

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