Going abroad, as a way of growth and open the door expansion of any company It can be a success, the solution to SME problems or a bad dream if it goes wrong Spanish SMEs have played a very important role in commercial internationalization through their exports. But a company’s decision to go abroad is not easy. Corporate culture In times of internal crisis, when demand within the country stagnates , it is vital to look for new markets . Finding new clients is no longer an option but a necessity for the businessman. One of the main barriers for Spanish SMEs lies in the existing business culture . That is: there are businessmen convinced that only in the local market can I find business. The fear of the unknown or taking business risks continues to be an obstacle in internationalization. In addition, there are other barriers such as lack of financing , lack of qualified personnel or lack of languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat situation.

Exports Opportunities and risks The figures

Tell us that in recent years an average of , companies have joined international activity . It stands out that there is an increase in the number of regular companies , that is, those that maintain their activity abroad for four or Kuwait Phone Number List more years . We must assume that internationalization is not a simple process and requires adequate planning. It is necessary to design a complete project , which includes a review of all the processes involved . Influence in multiple areas such as marketing , commercial, financial, logistics, legal. Nothing can be neglected if you want to start this path with certain guarantees of success. Solid strategy The first commandment of internationalization focuses on making our product known . The second , to detect real needs of the place to which you are going and a third , to step on safe ground.

Now, there are many factors to take into account

To sell with guarantees in new international markets . More exports The opportunities are undoubted, but the enormous challenges that internationalization also entails cannot be ignored . Especially in the case of smaller companies . We must Italy Phone Number List have solid strategic plans and expansion projects . This is a deep knowledge of the markets, access to the necessary financial resources and being able to face the subsequent costs. Beyond knowledge of the language or traveling to reconnoitre the place , we must establish a solid strategy . A convincing argument for ourselves. But also with the target audience to conquer. Then, we will be closer to not easy international success . Choosing the destination country for your exports is a critical step , especially if you lack experience.

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