Business digitalization: from the important to the urgent

One more point of digitalization in Spanish SMEs would boost GDP by % and create a million jobs Let’s start by being realistic. After days of the beginning of the new year, more than one of us have left behind the resolutions that, with good intentions, we made as the bells tolled… it’s like that. It’s too late to talk about purposes. It’s time for commitments. The future of your business is at stake. If you’re thinking about it, you’re late. Digitization ? _ Either you are there, or you It seems unbelievable, but only % of SMEs , micro-businesses and the self-employed, which ma of the business fabric, claim to have the intention of going digital . They are not mere statistics. Its importance lies in the fact that these companies support % of total employment. The main consequence is that its limited digitalization.

Imperative challenges Digitalization is, along

With aspects so related to it such as internationalization , specialization and growth, one of the great challenges for Spanish SMEs . It is a great opportunity, but it also demands decisive action. White and in bottles: SMEs with a Israel Phone Number List future are digital. Photography on digitalization The change It is clear that the digital transformation of SMEs can, at first glance, be a very ambitious objective. Above all, the number of challenges it involves in comparison to the resources available to a large percentage of SMEs produces a certain vertigo. While many, too many SMEs live in a digital lethargy , others in the same sector or others that may enter into competition are adopting a different approach: they observe, train, invest, study, plan, analyzeThe difference between both methods.

In a progressive loss of competitiveness of lagging

The digital transition is not a cost, it is an investment. You have to know how to face it: learn, accumulate knowledge and Iran Phone Number List compete. Despair Commitment The digital environment in business is key. Its application in all sectors of the economy, business , public or private, makes digitalization an aspect that is as undeniable as it is necessary. Digital transformation is more of a management challenge than the simple implementation of technology. It is inconceivable to understand the fact of starting, developing or expanding a business without a clear and concise digital strategy . At Iberaval we are digital. It is a necessity. The world today is more digital than.

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