Product detail page planning

There are several types of web pages that we need to create related to a specific product, as shown below. These web pages have different components and have quite different purposes for their existence.

Still, I often think that one product page can do all of these webpages together. Is this even possible? Wouldn’t that be effective? The image below outlines the general structure of a product detail page. Although the components are organized in considerable detail, this page is not intended to replace all the pages below.

1. Product Details

> Page:Purpose: Introduce basic information and features of the Ecuador Email List product, and provide necessary information to customers considering purchasing.
> Key Features: Product Images, Product Description, Price, Testimonials, Inventory Information, Shipping Information, Related Product Recommendations
> Required Components: Product Images, Product Description, Price, Buy Button
> Elements Not to Include: Unnecessary Advertising, Excessive Text, intrusive pop-ups
> Note: Product detail pages do not have to be one page. If necessary, you can make it long enough or make it multi-page . Want to be brief and sell well? Think after becoming a stronger brand and a more trusted product. It is not about explaining at length, but rather about answering every question the customer asks.

Product detail page sample wireframe

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2. Product buy page
> Purpose: A page where customers can purchase the selected product and proceed with payment
> Main function: Add to shopping cart, enter payment information, enter shipping information, select payment method, final payment button
> Required components: Product name , price, quantity selection, payment information fields, shipping information fields, payment method selection, payment button
> Elements not to include: product descriptions, product images, unnecessary advertising
> Note: product buy pages are sometimes product detail pages may or may not be integrated with There is not necessarily a right answer.

3. Product Specifications page
> Purpose: Provide technical details and performance CW Leads information of the product.
> Key Features: Product Specifications, Performance Indicators, Related Technical Descriptions

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