Share of Voice in the Digital Age (SOV)

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When TV was the number one medium, we used to compare the “Share of Voice” (SOV) between competing brands based on the amount of budget each brand spends on TV advertising. It was a time when the difference in advertising budget with competitors was the difference in share of voice (SOV) in the market. It was a game of big brands that filled their TV commercials before and after the #1 and #2 ratings shows every night.

Digital is now the number one medium.

With the development of digital technology, it is now the era Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List of triple media, where both consumers and businesses have become media. Then, how should we define “Share of Voice (SOV)” for this moment?

Recently, SOV in digital media has become important. Among them, SOV in “search”, the medium that has the greatest impact on purchasing decisions, has become most important. It is largely because mobile and search are becoming one, and consumers can literally search anytime, anywhere, in any case.

Browsing on a mobile device differs from traditional media consumption in that it occurs concurrently with all other media consumption. We search while watching TV commercials or reading magazine articles.

Even on the way back to the office from lunch,

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we search when we see a popular brand’s pop-up store event going on on the street. Even before picking up something from Olive Young, we take out our mobile devices and search.

Through search, we collect and analyze various information necessary for decision-making. Conversely, we can say that our decision-making is under the influence of information provided by 24/7 search.

From this point of view, search has become the most powerful CW Leads media in relation to consumption behavior. Therefore, we believe that the “Share of Voice (SOV)” needed in this era should be “the percentage of URLs or domains exposed to consumers while they search for decision-making.”

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