The bare face of our society, examined through search data for ‘how to make money’

In a capitalist society, we have an inseparable relationship with ‘money’. Watching the people pouring into the bus and subway on my way to work early, I sometimes wonder, ‘How is everyone making a living?’ Let’s take a look at the search trends for ‘how to make money’ over the past year through Ascent Korea’s Saas ‘Listening Mind Hubble’. Please enjoy watching what kind of bare face is revealed.

‘How to make money’ Steep rise in a year

Trends in keyword search volume for ‘how to make money’ Turks and Caicos Islands Email List through ‘Listening Mind Hubble’
The search volume for the keyword ‘how to make money’ has been steadily rising over the past year (July 2022 to June 2023). The total annual search volume is about 1.77 million. I’ve listed the search terms (including method) that I searched for more specifically, from 1st to 30th.

‘How to make money with a blog’ is overwhelmingly number one

Ranked 1st to 30th in annual total search volume for ‘how to make money’ as seen through ‘Listening Mind Hubble’
In fact, there were more keywords related to ‘how to make money’ than this, but search terms related to ‘how to collect game money’ were all excluded. Then, when I listed the total annual search volume from 1st to 30th, ‘men and women of all ages who want to make money with blogs’.

‘How to make money through expedient ways’ is in 10th place, whose desire is it?

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Among these, the one that caught my eye was the search term highlighted in light purple in the table above. What does ‘how to make money’ while sleeping without work, comfortably, and without work mean? Listening Mind Hubble’s Pathfinder looked at the before and after search paths.

‘How to make money comfortably’ search term path through ‘Listening Mind Hubble – Pathfinder function’
First of all, when I looked at the pass of ‘Easy Way to Make Money’, the words ‘black money’, ‘illegal’, and ‘expedient’ came out without hesitation. Community names such as ‘Ilbe’ and ‘DC’ also appear one after another.

‘How to make money without work’ search term path CW Leads through ‘Listening Mind Hubble – Pathfinder function’
Let’s take a look at ‘how to make money without working’. You can see that search users’ desires are materialized with keywords such as ‘expedient’, ‘illegal’, ‘short term’, ‘realistic’, and black money. Somewhat surprising is that among these risky search terms, age searches such as ‘youth’ and ‘junior 3’ are mixed.

ough the cluster finder.

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