Are New Jeans marketing effects real? Check through search data analysis

New Jeans, which dominated the media in Korea at the same time as their debut, is showing a ripple effect in various brands in various industries as an ambassador as an advertising model. Through search data, we checked whether it was possible to show ‘New Genes marketing is successful even if confirmed with objective data’ and how effective it was.

Seeing New Jeans’ debut through data – search volume explodes at the same time as their debut
As of August 2023, New Jeans search keyword search volume trend graph for the past year
Trend of Search Volume for ‘New Jeans’ Keyword Searched by Listening Mind Intent Finder in the Last 1 Year

New Jeans debuted on July 22, 2022.

Even if you just look at the rise in search volume, you can tell how Western Sahara Email List hot his debut is. Even if you assume that most of the searches have been made since July 22nd, the number of searches in July is about 2 million, and the number of searches in the following month has exploded.

New Jeans keyword search volume in August 2022
August 22 ‘New Jeans’ keyword search volume
In August 22nd, the month following their debut, they show about 13 million searches. You can tell how much attention it has received from its debut itself.

If you look at the number of keywords related to New Jeans, the number of related topics, the average search volume for 3 months, and the total search volume, the numbers are staggering. We could see how hot the girl group, which has just been debuting for a year now, is just by looking at the search volume.

Search volume and related search words

Country Email List

By gender and age found through listening mind
I was searching for New Jeans keywords and New Jeans-related search terms, mainly for women in their 10s and 20s. It’s a result that everyone can expect, but if you check with the exact keywords what keywords they mainly search for and what they want to know through New Jeans, you will be able to find more novel marketing insights.

Let’s take a look at how effective the marketing with the popular. New Jeans girl group that no one can deny will be, through search data, and objectively judge its success.

Check the effectiveness of New Jeans marketing with data
New Jeans, which occupies various brands from fashion to food, is CW Leads currently working as an advertising model and ambassador for various brands. New Jeans is also receiving love calls from various brands in the fashion world. She was selected as an advertising model for Nike Air Max and Levi’s, and each member became the face of each overseas luxury brand.


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