Understanding a tag SEO

The a in the <a> tag is an abbreviation for anchor, and phrases. Such as ‘Ascent Korea’ and ’43-inch OLED TV’ in the example are referred to as anchor text.

This piece of text should contain the key keywords of the site you want to link to, rather than the phrases ‘link’ or ‘click here’.

Good Example:

See <a href=”seo.html”> Search Engine Optimization </a> for details.

BAD EXAMPLE: More about search engine optimization Bhutan Email List here <a href=”seo.html”> here </a>

Just as a person clicks to go to a site, search engines or crawling bots take the a tag and go to the site and crawl it. But unlike humans, crawling bots don’t know that the link in the bad example above is a link to search engine optimization. In other words, you can think of crawling bots as understanding what is written in the anchor text as the content of the page.

In the case of the example above, the description of the link seo.html is equivalent to interpreting it as ‘here’. Therefore, anchor text that is not descriptive about the page, such as ‘link’, ‘here’ or ‘click here’, is bad for SEO purposes. It’s not a big factor, but adding a link as anchor text with keywords can also increase your Google rating.

a href # meaning – misuse of <a> tag

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Since crawlers can move through <a> tag, <a> tag is also expressed as crawler door. However, sites developed without considering seo elements may put # or javascriptvoid(o) instead of a link in the <a> tag.

Hubble Capture: Monthly search volume for a tag
Hubble Capture: Monthly search volume for a tag
When a tag was searched through Listening Mind Hubble. It CW Leads was confirmed that the a tag # had the next highest search volume. However, if you put. And javascriptvoid(o) instead of a link, a specific content will be called with JavaScript when clicked. But search engines or crawlers will not be able to understand this. In other words, crawlers will not be able to freely move between links, and will not be able to figure out the relationship between links. If this happens, the link cannot be crawled. Making indexing difficult and ranking difficult, making SERP exposure difficult.

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