Intent Marketing by Consumer Behavior Model

Intent marketing is to identify the intention (intent) in the customer’s mind. And optimize marketing activities for the touchpoints at each stage of the customer’s purchase journey. By understanding customer intent from the perspective of a consumer behavior model, you can predict potential customers’ purchase motivation and behavior, and help optimize marketing activities systematically from the awareness stage to purchase and post-purchase.

consumer behavior model

The consumer behavior model is a systematized Bermuda Email List model. That explains how consumers perceive and explore products or services leads. To purchasing behavior, and how consumers understand and accept our products and services at each stage. From the ‘AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) model’ used in traditional marketing to the ‘ Consumer Decision Journey’ proposed by McKinsey and Google’s ‘ ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth ) ‘ that defined consumer purchasing behavior in the digital age ) “, and ‘AARRR (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue.)’, which has attracted attention as a startup’s Growth Hacker Skill.

Customer Purchase Journey (CDJ) and AARRR Funnel


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Among consumer behavior models, the Customer Purchase Journey (CDJ) and AARRR funnel are models designed for marketers to effectively reach the touchpoints that can have the most impact on customers from recognizing a brand to making a purchase decision. Ultimately, this is to build a customer experience-oriented engagement on demand system by combining the marketing funnel with the customer’s decision-making process. For more information, see Why is a customer journey map important? Find out at

5 Steps to Consumer Decision Making
In general, a consumer behavior model consists of a cognitive phase. An CW Leads exploratory phase, an evaluation phase, a purchasing phase, and a post-purchase phase.

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