How do you know if you have good SEO

Having good SEO cannot be invented… If you own a website and want to know if it ranks well in search engines, how do you know? The answer is simple: you need to evaluate its performance using tools that measure its ranking for certain key words . The naked eye is not enough to know […]

What are the SEO criteria to establish that we have good SEO

What are the SEO criteria  People use search engines when they are looking for information on topics they want to learn more about or purchase something new or familiar. If they can’t find what they’re looking for on Google, chances are your site won’t get much traffic because no one will ever know it exists […]

MICE definition and strategic issues for professionals

MICE stands for Meeting Incentives Conferencing and Events. (Also spelled Meeting, Incentives Conferencing and Exhibitions ) This term covers everything to do with meetings, conferences and trade fairs, from incentives (rewards for participants) and conferencing (collaborative conference work) to exhibitionism (product presentations) and corporate team-building events. The meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions industry has become […]

Product launches Often linked to moments of innovation

It may be all the more important to create incentives if the populations concerned are heterogeneous and/or geographically distant during the year. In intercultural management, companies like Pernod-Ricard, for example, organise a mega-meeting and convention every year on the island of Les Embiez, bringing together managers from all the countries in which they operate. Training […]

What are the world’s MICE organisations

What are the world’s MICE  We’ll see later that it can encompass a whole range of very different types of event, from a simple family birthday party to a corporate incentive involving hundreds of people (with all that goes with it in terms of organisation).? International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA, Amsterdam) Union of International […]

The Covid period is particularly hectic for these events

Visit Web 2.0 pushed to its peak. There’s no need to go into the advantages and disadvantages here, as there are so many on both sides. Trade shows and exhibitions but they are still often large-scale events, with vertical themes bringing together professionals from the same business sector (Salon de l’Agriculture, Salon de l’Automobile, etc.). […]

Google News vs Google Discover what are the differences

Google News vs Google  Follow button is a feature available to users logged in in the United States (in English) using Chrome Android. Soon in Europe, no doubt. How to make your articles appear in Google Discover? According to Google itself, here are its own recommendations : “To increase the chances of your content appearing […]

What is Google Discover

If you’re one of the people who’s seen recommended content on your Google app or mobile browser, it might be time to stop and ask yourself, “What is that?” » Definition By our SEO Agency Optimize 360 This is undoubtedly “automatic” news which is offered to you by Google, as a result of what it […]

The essential pillars for building a solid digital strategy

The essential pillars for building The more quality inbound links you have from recognized and relevant sites in your field of activity, the more search engines will consider your site as a reference and position it favorably in the results. So put in place a netlinking strategy to obtain links from blogs , directories, forums […]

SEO the foundation of any digital strategy

In a constantly evolving digital environment, implementing an effective and efficient communication strategy has become essential to stand out from the competition and increase your visibility on the market. One of the essential foundations of any digital strategy is based on natural referencing optimization, also called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO: the foundations Why is […]

Identify the presence of a Google penalty

Identify the presence Correction of “black hat SEO” techniques: In the event of sanctions for illegal techniques (cloaking, artificial links, etc.), it is important to review your SEO strategy to adopt “ white hat SEO” practices. This involves, in particular, better optimization of the site and the creation of a network of natural links. Improvement […]

How to react to a Google SEO sanction

How to react to a Google Before knowing what to do in the event of a Google referencing sanction , it is essential to identify whether or not your site was penalized and what type of penalty was applied. The two main categories of sanctions are: The manual penalty : it occurs when Google’s anti-spam […]